PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — At the Hollywood Gym in Portland, some people worked out with masks on. Some did not.

The gym owner told KOIN 6 News they’re checking for vaccination cards when a member comes in and also at their front desk.

But other places said they don’t want staff hassled so they’ve decided to keep masks a requirement for everyone.

Some major grocery stores are still going with the honor system and not checking for proof of a customer’s COVID-19 vaccination. Several Costcos said they were checking for shot cards at the door, but viewers told KOIN 6 News the stores were not checking.

The new guidance from the Oregon Health Authority is that businesses are supposed to check for proof of vaccination before allowing someone in without a mask.

The best tip for a person is to keep a photo of your shot card on your phone and a mask in your pocket until the mask confusion at this stage of the pandemic gets sorted out.