Mixed messaging on masks continues to mystify Portlanders


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — On Thursday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance for fully vaccinated individuals saying that they no longer need to wear masks of social distance in most public spaces.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said the state will follow the new guidance. But some say they feel this new messaging is confusing, with Brown saying that businesses should follow the current guidance until the state gets vaccination verification sorted out.

Some Portlanders told KOIN 6 News that they will aren’t comfortable taking their masks off just yet.

“I just think even if you’re vaccinated, you can spread the virus and the point of wearing the masks has always been to protect more vulnerable populations,” said Aubrey Prewitt of Portland. “So if you can still spread it and you can still affect those vulnerable populations, I think it’s important to keep your mask on.”

Mykal Harris said he’s also still nervous.

“I think that as it stands right now, it’s really challenging to I guess have the thought of, you know is everyone else vaccinated? Are they going to get vaccinated? How are they going to actually monitor it and make sure that people are actually vaccinated if they are inside the restaurant? I just got recently fully vaccinated. Even the thought of being able to take my mask off I still have a lot of nerves around, I’m going to wear a mask anyways,” he said.

Brown said Friday that while the Oregon Health Authority updates its guidance, everyone should follow mask and physical distance requirements posted at businesses.

Bottom line: Brown said to either wear a mask or get vaccinated.

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