PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two new statewide rules are going into effect in Oregon this week, aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

During a press conference with state health authorities on Monday, Brown announced she’s enhancing the face-covering rule. Beginning Wednesday, you’ll be required to wear a mask outdoors, if you can’t stay six feet away from people outside your immediate household.

Governor Kate Brown says she’s asking people to take personal responsibility for stopping the virus from spiraling out of control. She hopes her latest move will prevent Oregon from shutting back down. 

If you’re hosting a party, you’ll have to keep the guest list short — capping it at 10 people.

Governor Brown says the Oregon Liquor Control Commission and Occupational Safety and Health Administration have been enforcing face covering and social distancing requirements by inspecting hundreds of businesses. The state will be fining businesses that don’t comply.

Now that the governor has issued a rule on smaller group gatherings, she says she’s not going to send out the party police — this is where it’s up to you. She says the proof of compliance will be in the numbers.

“We’re here today to sound the alarm,” the governor said. “The COVID-19 disease is spreading rapidly across the state of Oregon and each and every one of us needs to take action.”

Coinciding with the two new orders is the implementation of a statewide enforcement task force.

Brown’s orders came as a response to the state’s recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, with 12,438 confirmed cases and 237 total deaths as of Monday.

There were more cases of COVID-19 in Oregon last week than during the entire month of May, Brown said, and half were people under the age of 40. Two Oregonians in their 30s have died.

“I hope I don’t have to go the route of Texas and California and close bars and restaurants, but nothing is off the table.”