PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reported Thursday that COVID-19 cases more than doubled during the month of May.

According to OHA’s vaccine breakthrough report, there were 44,363 cases of infection in May, as opposed to 18,608 positive COVID-19 cases in April.

OHA says that unvaccinated people represented 21,100 cases (47.6%), while the remaining 23,246 cases (52.4%) were vaccine breakthrough cases. Out of the breakthrough cases, 14,506 (62.4%), were fully vaccinated and boosted.

Out of the 233,873 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases in the state, 69,105 (29.5%,) were vaccinated and boosted at the time of infection. Just 2.6% of all vaccine breakthrough cases have been hospitalized and 0.6% have died. The average age of vaccinated people who died is 80, according to OHA.

The next vaccine breakthrough report will be published Thursday, July 7.