PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — If you’re in Oregon and you’re at least 12 years old, you’re required to wear a mask in public places and outside when social distancing isn’t possible. Kids younger than 12 are encouraged to wear them, and children 2 and under don’t have to.

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On Wednesday, state officials answered specific questions about different mask scenarios.

If a customer is not wearing a mask due to a medical condition, what are employees and businesses required to do?

There is no medical exemption to the mask rule. Businesses are required to make arrangements with customers to serve them in another way, perhaps with special hours or curbside service.

‘You’re not obligated to give them what they want,” said Dylan Morgan with BOLI. “You can offer some way forward. You don’t have to offer any way forward.”

Is there a religious exemption to the mask rule?


What about in gyms, construction sites, offices?

There is an exemption for people working out in gyms and construction sites, though social distancing is strongly encouraged. The same is true for office settings where the public doesn’t have access.

Will a business get in trouble if a customer doesn’t have a mask?

One complaint of a customer violating the mandate isn’t going to get a store owner in trouble. “We’re looking for patterns of practice, not one-off things,” said Michael Wood with OSHA

Is there a timeline for how long these mask requirements will last?

“They’re going to last until we get this under control,” said BOLI Commissioner Val Doyle.

What if someone simply refuses to wear a mask inside a business and refuses to leave?

The business owner should call the police and have the customer removed for trespassing.