PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Business are in the clutch after Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced a new ‘two-week freeze statewide Friday, including restrictions put on organizations like restaurants and gyms.

The freeze measures–which take effect Wednesday November 18–include limiting restaurants and bars to take-out only, closing gym and fitness organizations and closing indoor recreational facilities like museums, indoor entertainment activities, and indoor pools and sport courts.

KOIN 6 News spoke with a personal trainer Saturday about how her gym will adapt to the story.

Brittany Carrico is a Trainer with Fulcrum Fitness. She said they got a really good test in the spring when they had to shut down completely. Because of that she said her gym is well-positioned to handle the latest challenge.

“As we head into this next freeze, we are feeling prepared to go back to those park workouts or even back to those virtual workouts as more of our focus to continue to serve our community that way,” Carrico said.

Back during the initial lockdown back in spring, the gym implemented doing workouts outside at a park where wearing masks and social distancing was used. And they also enacted a virtual workout program. With the freeze on the cusp in Oregon once again, the gym will be leaning on those same programs.

Multnomah County will authorize a four week–instead of two week–freeze at the same time the statewide freeze takes effect.

Oregon Health Authority announced Saturday its third straight day of over 1,000 confirmed/presumed COVID-19 infections at 1,097.