PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Poisonings from disinfectants — that is, all cleaning supplies — are up 36% from this time last year. It turns out people are mixing cleaners, like bleach and ammonia, that can irritate your lungs and eyes.

Poison control centers in Oregon and around the country are seeing an increase in calls from people misusing cleaning supplies in other ways.

Oregon Poison Control – OHSU

One of the biggest problem calls is when solutions, like bleach and water, are put in containers and left on a counter. Someone thinks it’s a drink and gets poisoned.

“Make sure you don’t take any cleaners and mix them in a can or cup or something that would be mistaken as a beverage,” said Dr. Robert Hendrickson with OHSU Emergency Medicine. “We see people mixing or diluting cleaners and putting them in a soda can or bottle or a cup.”

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There’s also a growing problem with children, especially toddlers, getting easy access to hand sanitizer that is left around the house and the car. They drink it and with the high alcohol content they pass out, even get hurt when they fall.