PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Updated COVID-19 vaccine shots are expected to be available nationwide on Wednesday in an effort to target newer variants ahead of the fall virus season.

Oregon Health Authority says the vaccines started arriving in the state last Friday, but that people may have to wait a little longer to get their shot at some pharmacies.

“I’m not sure exactly what the backorder issue is, but we are experiencing a backorder,” said Pat Hubbell, owner of Brooklyn Pharmacy.

Hubbell says he placed his order three to four weeks ago. He was hoping to get it by the end of the week, but the demand is high.

“We have a lot of folks that are anxiously awaiting for me to get my shipment so we can really start giving those vaccines,” he said. “A lot of folks that are traveling that want to get that vaccine before they travel. So we are really looking forward to that vaccine.”

CVS and Walgreens say to sign up for an appointment online, while Rite Aid says the new vaccine is expected to be in stores by the weekend.

The new shots were updated to target the XBB variants.

“The CDC has recommended that everyone who hasn’t had a COVID shot in the last two months get a booster. And essentially, you know, everyone should be getting boosted,” said Marcel Curlin from OHSU.

The CDC recommends the new vaccine for everyone six months and older.

“Everyone get the booster, but especially if you have underlying medical illnesses or if you’re in the older age category or if you have someone vulnerable at home that you might in fact, it’s really a good idea to get everybody boosted, including yourself,” Curlin said.

As the boosters roll out, OHA found since the end of August, just over 67% of samples had the XBB variant and its subvariants in Oregon.

OHA says pharmacies receive COVID-19 vaccine doses directly from vaccine manufacturers and that they haven’t heard of any supply issues