PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) —  As the special session started earlier Wednesday morning, a group of people rallied outside the Salem Capitol building, many of them to protest Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 mandates. ​

Those who rallied outside the building say they do not like the policies the governor has implemented amid the pandemic.​ Folks could be seen holding signs saying “Let kids play” or that they are opposed to the mask mandate that began the same day.  ​

Organizers of the Recall Kate Brown petition spoke to the crowd. Chief petitioner Bill Currier says Brown’s orders have wrecked businesses and jobs in Oregon — and that people are fed up.​

“I think they feel it’s gone too far and like any rally, they stress they want to have a voice in their own governance, as required by the constitution,” Currier said.​ “It’s ruining our economy and it’s completely unnecessary.”​

Currier says no one is arguing that COVID-19 isn’t real, but that lawmakers should be more balanced in their approach.​

He says many of their policies are causing unintended consequences. ​He believes the governor should give guidance and people should be allowed to self-police their movement instead of the governor issuing mandates. ​

At the special session, lawmakers plan to tackle COVID-19 procedures, rent control, and filling the $2 billion budget hole — as well as addressing police reform.