PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Columbia Corrugated Box of Tualatin is one of many companies that has had to rethink and relearn physical distancing habits, to reinforce the new norms.

Columbia has developed a new product — the Safe Distance In-Box — that’s already got a head start on the new workplace of the coronavirus era.

Its a corrugated box with a big ‘Stop Sign’ reminder to maintain a physical distance in the workplace and an inbox on top to drop off paperwork instead of handing it to another worker face to face.

The corrugated box arrives flat, with handles in the side so you can move it around.

It’s a product that’s just 5 weeks old. Initially it was used internally at Columbia and is now available to all business customers who will undoubtedly have to learn a new workplace protocol when office places open back up again.

“Don’t be walking right into somebody’s cubicle, reaching over their shoulder and putting paperwork right next to them,” said General Manager Roggy Pflug. “Initially it really helped us break some habits and 4 or 5 weeks later it’s a constant reminder.”

Credit for the idea, he said, goes to a quality control person who wanted to avoid interruptions by setting up barricades of corrugated boxes around his work space.

Roggy says the Safe Distance in box is in keeping with a new corporate spirit of the times.

“There’s been a little bit of dropping the capitalistic gloves and just trying to help,” Pflug said. “And so this is something we felt we could do and manufacture. If other people can use it, that’s great.”

Proceeds will allow Columbia Corrugated Box to maintain donations to Food Banks in the area and other non-profits feeling the squeeze as work life in many places remains frozen.