SALEM, Ore. (KOIN) — A salon in Salem plans to open for business on Tuesday despite Governor Kate Brown’s executive order. The owner of Glamour Salon said she doesn’t want to open up this week, but that she must.

On Monday, Lindsey Graham and one of her employees were busy cleaning and sanitizing the salon. Graham and her husband own multiple businesses, and during the pandemic all of those businesses have had to close. Glamour Salon closed in late March after the governor’s order was announced and businesses deemed non-essential had to close.

Lindsey Graham, owner of Glamour Salon in Salem. May 4, 2020 (KOIN)

“Unfortunately for me, I already had my baby right before then, so I budgeted time off from work. And then to be forced into another month of not working — not being able to work was difficult for us,” said Graham.

Graham said not having a date for when she can reopen is devastating and she is nervous about the repercussions. She said her decision to reopen was made “out of need, out of necessity.”

“The anxiety is coming from not knowing what repercussions I am going to face just trying to earn a living. That’s pretty scary,” said Graham. “And knowing that I have to do this, so I don’t get a choice in facing the consequences.”

Graham was at the rally at the state capitol building on Saturday. She and hundreds of others called on the governor to reopen the state.

“It was eye-opening and devastating to know the reason we were there is because we were begging her to let us reopen our businesses,” she said.

She said they are taking precautions to limit the number of customers inside the salon. They will only be seeing clients who made appointments, and in between each appointment staff will be doing a deep clean. Employees will wear masks and gloves, and masks will be provided for customers as well, according to Graham.

“We want to prove that we can do our job safely,” said Graham.

Of the 25 people who previously worked at the salon, only a few will be returning to work on Tuesday. Clients have already booked their appointments.

“Yes, and there are new clients wanting to support us that are driving down from all over the state that are booking appointments too,” said Graham.

Glamour Salon will bring back some of its services for hair, as well as offer eye-lash extensions and teeth whitening, but will hold off on other services such as tanning, cosmetic tattooing, and botox.

An employee sanitizes salon chairs at Glamour Salon in Salem. May 4, 2020 (KOIN)

KOIN 6 News reached out to Governor Brown’s office to see how they are enforcing her order, and received the following statement:

The Governor has issued her executive orders for social distancing to protect the health and safety of Oregonians during the COVID-19 public health crisis. Oregonians have made significant sacrifices to stay home and save lives, and the last thing we want to do is undermine the progress we have made by reopening businesses too quickly and creating a surge in COVID-19 cases. It’s incredibly important that businesses (who are prohibited from operating under paragraph 2 of the Governor’s Executive Order) stay closed––for the safety of employees and patrons alike––until it is safe to begin gradually reopening, with appropriate safety measures in place.

Throughout this crisis, local law enforcement’s first focus has been to work with members of the public to educate them about complying with distancing measures. During a public health crisis, we want Oregon law enforcement officers to be focused on urgent public health and safety needs. Violating the Governor’s orders under the current state of emergency is a Class C misdemeanor. However, we view that as a last resort––law enforcement will seek voluntary compliance first.