PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A North Portland distillery is trying to help with the shortage of hand sanitizer brought on by the concern over the coronavirus.

Shine Distillery is using its alcohol distilling capabilities to make a large batch of hand cleaner. They are providing it, free of charge, to neighbors and visitors to the distillery. The 2.7-ounce bottle contains a hand cleaner with 80% alcohol content.

“It’s just two simple ingredients,” said Jon Poteet, owner of Shine Distillery and Grill. “We’re taking the high-proof waste product that comes off the still, watering it down, and then adding xanthan gum—which is a gel or thickening agent so that when you apply it, it applies evenly to your hands.”

They were able to make several thousand bottles and plan to make as much as they can if there is a demand.

To be clear, they are not calling it hand sanitizer and make no medical claims about the product’s effectiveness.