PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Starting March 12 no company, business or school will have to require masks to be worn inside. However, the same way people can be required to wear a shirt and shoes inside, any private entity can also require masks be worn.

According to the Oregon Health Authority, they have no plans to lift mask mandates in healthcare settings.

The OHA also says that they are not committing to never requiring masks again, rather they will continuously be reviewing the virus and considering mitigation options — especially if a new variant pops up.

State health officials also said that only 18% of Oregonians don’t have at least some immunity to COVID-19. They expect that number to decrease and even with spring break and masks coming off — they do not foresee hospitals becoming overwhelmed.

Masks are also federally required meaning planes, trains and buses are all places that require masks at least until April 18 after the CDC extended its guidance on Thursday.