PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Oregon Health Authority’s weekly report reveals the ZIP codes where coronavirus spread fastest in early October, which age groups were most affected, and other demographic information.

The map below shows which cities and neighborhoods had the most cases per 100,000 residents. Boardman had the highest density of cases, followed by Warm Springs, then Ontario. Ontario is home to Snake River Correctional Institution, which has the largest active workplace outbreak in the state with 498 total cases, according to OHA.

To protect patient privacy, ZIP codes with fewer than 10 cases are reported as 1-9. The OHA combines ZIP codes with fewer than 1,000 people into one number (536 for the week ending October 11). There were also 267 cases from unknown ZIP codes, according to health authorities.

Multnomah County, Marion County and Washington County have the most cases as of October 16.

People aged 20-29 continue to be the group with the highest incidence of reported infection, according to the OHA, though they’re rarely hospitalized and account for only 0.3% of the state’s reported deaths. About 75% of deaths have been in persons 70 and older, the OHA reports.

Health authorities reported 388 new confirmed/presumptive cases of the coronavirus Saturday, bringing the total number of infections to 39,316 and the total number of deaths to 620, for an overall case fatality rate just under 1.6%.

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