PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Wash your hands. Disinfect your common touched surfaces. But don’t flush those wipes.

Seriously. Don’t. Those “flushable” wipes do go down the toilet — they just clog your pipes.

The Bureau of Environmental Services reminds people there are only 3 things that can be flushed effectively and safely: toilet paper, pee and poo.

The toilet paper quickly breaks down in water. Wipes don’t. They just block pipes, cause sewage overflows, cost the city money and interrupt your day.

And we’re all having enough interruptions right now.

Know what else you shouldn’t flush? Fats, oils and grease. They cause the same kind of problem as wipes.

Tips: What Not To Flush

So if you do have a clogged pipe in your home, call a plumber. See a sewer overflow, call the City of Portland’s hotline: 503.823.1700.