PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Boosters and blood were on Sen. Ron Wyden’s mind as he stopped by the OHA clinic on the Tektronix campus in Beaverton on Saturday.

Wyden thanked everyone who is already vaccinated and boosted, again reminding people vaccines are the quickest way we can all get out from under the pandemic.

In late December, Gov. Kate Brown set a goal of 1 million more Oregonians to get their booster shot by the end of January. Another 647,000 people need to get boosted to reach that goal.

Wyden was also vocal about making a change in another pandemic-related issue — who can donate blood. The Red Cross is at crisis level shortages in both Oregon and across the country.

Wyden called on the FDA and HHS to change policies which currently prohibit members of the LGBTQ community from donating blood.

“LGBTQ community members clearly ought to be part of this effort to help when there’s a blood shortage,” Wyden said. “And I and a number of senators have just called in the last 24 hours for an effort to really make sure that on this question, science — rather than prejudice — prevails.”

Eligible donors can download the American Red Cross app, visit their website 
or call 800.733.2767 to find the nearest blood drive location and set up an appointment.