PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — This summer, doctor’s offices and hospitals are seeing a spike in children sick with viruses that are normally seen in the winter including colds, flu and RSV. Doctors are working to figure out why winter viruses are showing up, especially among children.

With mandatory masking and social distancing, a lot of children didn’t share germs with classmates when coughing and sneezing. Without the usual viruses, from colds to flu, children did not get to build up antibodies and immunity — getting less sick each time they got the virus.

COVID is also still a problem, and newer variants already seen in Oregon are even more contagious — meaning people who have had COVID are getting it again, as well as those who have escaped it so far.

Testing is still the best way to find out if those cold symptoms or cough is COVID and safety measures such as wearing a KN-95 mask in indoor group gatherings is a good way to keep from getting sick.