PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Younger Oregonians may be drinking less than their older counterparts, according to a recent study conducted by American Addiction Centers.

The nationwide poll surveyed 3,400 Millennials and Generation Z (Gen-Z) on health preferences, drinking habits, and substance use, finding 69% of participants regard heavy drinking culture as ‘boring’.

Survey results suggest more than half of Oregonians age 18 to 35 would ditch the bar for a gym if given the option. Oregon was listed among 37 states which contained a majority of young adults ditching drinks for dumbbells, with 55% of residents saying if given a binary choice they would choose the gym.

While a slew of factors may be influencing younger residents to drink less than their parents, the study suggests finances, social media, and the expanding legalization and popularity of cannabis can be credited as the primary causes contributing to the decrease in heavy drinking among younger generations.

Considering the survey’s demographic consists of young adults, results support the notion that healthy habits may just currently be ‘in fashion.’ With Millennial and Gen-Z largely invested in social media, 27% of residents stated they were “encouraged to replicate the healthy lifestyles portrayed by social media influencers online.”

The pandemic was also listed as a major player, informing the recent health habits of young people.

While the COVID-19 health crisis has caused a rise in alcohol sales and consumption among adults 30 and older, American Addiction Centers found 77% of participants attribute their shifts in lifestyle habits to lockdowns and restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

Infographics illustrating results of the American Addiction Centers study can be viewed at their website.