PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As flu and COVID cases climb, the supply of over-the-counter pain and fever-reducing medications is running short at pharmacies.

Parents in our area tell KOIN 6 News how they can’t find some of the most common drugs, like Children’s Tylenol, Tamiflu and Advil.

It seems the issue is that manufacturers didn’t know the flu season was starting much earlier than expected. Brooklyn Pharmacy in Southeast Portland, for instance, has the generic brand of Tamiflu in stock in different strengths but is out of liquid Tylenol for kids.

The pharmacist says they can compound these medications, meaning making them to order, but people do need a doctor’s prescription for that, even for what is normally an over-the counter-medication.

“We want to make sure we provide that service so it’s done correctly so we don’t have an overdose or an underdose,” Executive Director of the Oregon Board Pharmacy Joe Schnabel said.

These medications also come with a warning about not trying to crush up pills to make your own medication at home, especially when it comes to child doses.

The medications work on the symptoms, not the virus, so people’s best bet is to call around first to pharmacies and grocery stores to see if the product they want is in stock. Prevention, like getting a flu shot, is still the best option.