PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – President Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday to help protect access to abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled abortion is not a constitutional right.

Abortion rights supporters say this will help women get travel costs covered by Medicaid if their state bans or restricts abortion access. The order will also protect them against legal action by their state or others.

Now, Oregon and Washington expect to see a big increase in women from Idaho seeking an abortion as a state law banning almost all abortions goes into effect on August 25. The U.S. Justice Department has also filed a lawsuit claiming the legislation is illegal.

In the meantime, Oregon lawmakers have set aside $15 million for abortion access, and groups such as the non-profit Northwest Abortion Access Fund, have raised millions of dollars to help with costs.

Planned Parenthood also expects to open a new clinic providing abortions in Ontario, Oregon later in 2022, which will also provide services for women from Idaho.

Protest groups are lining up to show their objection, including Right to Life, which says Ontario will become an abortion destination for Idaho and is planning more demonstrations and fundraising for an interstate billboard with a number to a pregnancy resource center.