PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregonians are dying at a staggering rate from preventable addictions, according to nonprofit Oregon Recovers.

Members of the group rallied in front of the Oregon Health Authority in Portland on Saturday to draw attention to alcohol- and addiction-related deaths.

Oregon Recovers says the state ranks second nationally in addiction-related deaths and last in access to treatment.

Mike Marshall leads Oregon Recovers and says he needed thousands of dollars to beat his own addiction crisis years ago.

“When I got sober 14 years ago, I had to borrow $15,000 in order to get into a treatment center,” Marshall said. “I had a friend that could lend me $15,000 — imagine having to go to the emergency room and borrowing $15,000 for having a heart attack before they’ll treat you.”

Oregon Recovers has developed a 12-step process to address addiction in the state. It includes an oversight office of addiction recovery, coordinating efforts between Oregon agencies to tackle addiction.

If you’re suffering from addiction and in need, visit Oregon Recovery Network’s website for treatment, detox, housing and support services.