PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Pressure on hospitals continues to rise as a flood of kids keep being rushed in with RSV and the flu — as all emergency rooms across the area are full.

On Thursday, children’s hospitals in Multnomah County asked some of their pediatricians to explain what’s happening in the area. The one bright spot is that they are forecasting the peak of RSV to happen before Christmas. However, with flu cases climbing, it’s a crisis of resources.

“I want to emphasize that taking care for testing alone is not an appropriate use of resources right now, and it’s contributing to overwhelming the emergency departments and urgent care,” said Dr. Wendy Hanson, the pediatric ICU director at Randall Children’s Hospital.

A big problem is that emergency rooms are filled up with patients who need to be admitted and are having to stay in beds until there is room elsewhere in the hospitals.

Doctors are recommending masks in indoor public places to help stop the spread of the viruses and limit infants’ exposure to crowds and other people, especially if they are newborns.

Vaccines are also critical currently, as most people have not gotten their flu shot, which doctors say is important to protect not just yourself but also infants in households.