PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Medical professionals are warning about a growing trend in the use of the drug Ozempic, a diabetes medication that helps with weight loss.

Doctors say it helps regulate appetite and blood sugar.

Pharmacist Rita Parsiani with Oregon Health & Science University says it’s a safe drug to treat obesity, but it has not been tested for widespread use.

“I feel that it is being misused recently,” said Parsiani. “In our society for those patients who may not have risk factors and be close to their normal weight. And we just don’t know what the implications or risks are for those populations.”

One of the biggest risks associated with the drug, according to Parsiani, is when people get it through a third party and not their doctor or pharmacist.

Experts also say people who do not commit to a change in diet or exercise while on Ozempic will see the weight come back.