Portland woman creates app to detect breast cancer risk


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Portland woman created an app that uses artificial intelligence that she hopes will prevent a late diagnosis of advanced breast cancer.

Kaitlin Christine is on a mission to save lives after her mother, Lise’s experience with breast cancer. She died at 55, after a late diagnosis.

Lise was on her deathbed when she asked her daughter to be tested for the BRCA gene. A gene Lise had that carries a higher breast cancer risk. Christine tested positive but was told not to worry.

“I was met with a lot of tension and skepticism about me actually knowing about my body whether it was something because I was so young,” Christine said.

Shortly after, Christine found lumps in both breasts, but her OB-GYN told her it was probably just dense breast tissue.

“That’s when I said BS and I ultimately ended up having a preventative double mastectomy and in surgery was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was only 24,” she said.

That led Christine into the medical world, working as a hereditary cancer specialist.

After talking to many women who were concerned about their risk factors, she decided to do more.

“Women were being told the wrong thing every day all over the world,” Christine said. “They didn’t know what their risks were, and they didn’t know what their options were and how to get them and who to trust.”

She worked to create an app called Gabbi in honor of her mom’s middle name, Gabrielle.

The app uses artificial intelligence taking a woman’s medical claims data and a survey about that woman’s health — like when she got her first period — to determine risk factors, including an extended family history.

Concerning family history goes all the way out to third degree relatives, which are cousins and grandparents

The app then generates your risk and gives you a plan. One that could potentially save your life.

“These are the things you should be doing how often.. When.. How frequently and what they are.”

Gabbi is set to go live with its first customer in the new year and the app is looking for women to be early users. If interested visit www.begabbi.com.

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