PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Though RSV may have peaked but many kids are still sick with it and in the hospital. But now flu cases are skyrocketing and children across the country are dying.

So far this season, most people have not gotten a flu vaccine. The CDC said this year’s version is very effective in keeping you from getting the virus. So far, more than a dozen children have died from the flu this season.

The flu shot is available for those 6 months and older. Pregnant women are also urged to get a flu shot.

With holiday gatherings already underway, doctors recommend staying home if you have a cough or cold-like symptoms and avoid other people. Many of these viruses have similar symptoms and are very contagious.

There is also another way to stop the spread.

“There is a lot of good data that shows wearing a mask is super effective in interrupting transmission from person to person,” said Dr. Patrick Lew, a pediatrician at Providence St. Vincent Hospital.

Pediatric ICUs in the region have gone to what is known as crisis standards of care mode at times, which allows staff to handle more patients.

The littlest ones can’t just be placed in adult beds. They need specialized equipment that is in the pediatric intensive care units.

Beyond masking up, the best advice is to keep sick kids at home and away from others — especially babies and seniors.