PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Gym rats know that a new year brings a new rush of resolutioners looking to burn off some holiday heft before summer. That means fewer open treadmills, crowded yoga rooms and longer waits for the squat rack.

Unfortunately, Portland isn’t the best city for casual, outdoor winter workouts due to its consistently cold temperatures and ark-worthy periods of rain. However, there are still ways for Portlanders to avoid overly packed gyms during the waning weeks of flu season.

With help from Portland Parks and Recreation spokesperson Mark Ross, KOIN 6 News has put together a list of alternative indoor exercise options for Portland residents during the winter months.

NOTE: Before checking the list, residents should learn about Portland Parks and Recreations’ Access Pass. The 12-month pass allows Portland residents to receive steep discounts on admission and activity fees associated with Portland’s recreational centers, with no proof of income required. The pass includes reduced prices for public gyms, pools, fitness classes, boxing, bowling and swimming lessons, personal trainer sessions and more. The pass also provides discounts on preschool and after-school programs and camps.

“Thanks to the Parks Local Option Parks Levy, we can offer reduced pricing options for people who live within the City of Portland,” Ross said. “City of Portland residents can register for a free Access Pass to receive an ongoing discount of up to 90%.”

Indoor and covered exercise spaces in Portland:

Indoor courts at the Porland Tennis Center in Northeast Portland. (PPR)

Portland Tennis Center

The Portland Tennis Center has eight indoor and four outdoor tennis courts and 16 outdoor pickleball courts. The center also offers lessons, competitions, mixers, drills, cardio workouts and ball machine drills for residents of all ages and abilities.

Public Gymnasiums

Portland’s “find a park” database is a useful tool for filtering through various indoor activities like basketball, volleyball, pickleball and badminton that are offered at Portland’s 11 public gymnasiums located throughout the city. Hours and activity information are available on each gym’s webpage.

The roller rink at the Mt. Scott Community Center. (PPR)

Skate rinks

Portland has several affordable indoor skate options: Oaks Park and the Mt. Scott Community Center both offer indoor roller skating with various hours and pricing available on their respective web pages (see links). The underground event group “Secret Roller Disco” regularly announces covered and indoor skating events through its social media pages and sometimes offers free rentals.

For those looking to skate on ice, the Lloyd Center ice rink is open daily. Skateboarders looking for a covered place to skate can check out the Burnside SkatePark: an impressive DIY project built by skateboarders underneath the Burnside Bridge.

The Matt Dishman Indoor Pool in Northeast Portland offers water fitness, lap swims and swimming lessons. (PPR)

Indoor Pools

The City of Portland offers four indoor public swimming pools that remain open during the winter months. Swim enthusiasts can stay in shape during the winter at the Matt Dishman Indoor Pool, the East Portland Indoor Pool, the Mt. Scott Indoor Pool and the Southwest Indoor Pool. Rates and hours are available through each pool’s respective webpage.

A personal trainer aids with a dumbbell exercise. (PPR)

Fitness rooms

Portland Parks & Recreation offers five public fitness rooms that include cardio and weightlifting equipment. Seasonal workout classes are also available. These rooms are located at the Charles Jordan Community Center, the Matt Dishman Community Center, the East Portland Community Center, the Mt. Scott Community Center and the Southwest Community Center. Workout sessions can also be scheduled with the city’s personal trainers.

Driving ranges

Golf is one of the most winter-friendly sports, but two of Portland’s five public courses offer covered driving ranges for golfers looking to maintain their swings in the off-season. Golfers can find covered ranges at the Colwood Golf Center and Eastmoreland Golf Course.

Citizens enjoy one of Portland’s public ping pong tables. (PPR)


There are plenty of other activities offered at Portland’s public parks that aren’t featured in this list. Like the ping pong tables at the East Portland Community Center the air hockey tables at the Peninsula Park, Matt Dishman and Charles Jordan Community Centers, and the various indoor, youth rock-climbing walls located throughout the city. Check Portland’s “find a park” database for more information.