VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — A family is grieving and searching for answers after their 18-year-old son was shot and killed at a party in Vancouver over the weekend.

Days after the shooting, police identified the two victims in that shooting as 18-year-old Amadou Keita and 19-year-old Alexander Castagnoli, both of Portland.

The family of Amadou is devastated, saying goodbye to the 18-year-old as he went out with friends Saturday night, never expecting hours later that he would be gone. They described the teenager as having a love of playing sports, video games and his family.

“Like any kid, he has his up and downs but we worked hard together to turn his life around,” said Moussa Keita, Amadou’s father.

Early Sunday, Amadou was shot and killed at a house party in Vancouver. Castagnoli was also killed, while two other teenagers — also from Portland — were injured and are recovering in the hospital. As the investigation continues, Moussa wants to know why his son was shot.

“My son might have been in the wrong place, wrong time, but he had never been in a gang. I’d like that to be clear to everybody,” said Moussa.

The 18-year-old just graduated from Franklin High School and was set to attend Portland State on a full-ride scholarship, studying mechanical engineering, to someday create solar-powered cars. His family says they’re heartbroken, a bright future gone in an instant.

“Life doesn’t make no sense to me no more,” said Moussa. “Life does not have purpose to me no more.”

Moussa says he’s seen the gun violence in this region escalate in recent years but never thought it would take his son away.

“Nobody deserves, nobody has the right to take a person’s life, no matter what,” said Moussa, adding that something has to be done so no parent ever has to live through this same nightmare. “I lost a son, but this country lost a part of the future. This kid could’ve grown up to be a mechanical engineer, to serve the community, to serve the country.”

Family and friends of the other victim, Castagnoli, have set up a GoFundMe to help his mom and sister with funeral experiences, describing him as a “kind soul” and athlete who was trying to better his life.