PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Some Portland Police officers carry the tool and now drug treatment counselors have easy access to this lifeline for people who are overdosing on heroin.

It’s called Evzio, which carries a dose of the drug Naloxone. It helps reverse overdose effects.

According to counselors at CODA, a Northeast Portland drug treatment center, it’s exactly the type of device that should be more widely available.

“We really like this mechanism — it’s easy to use and it’s super friendly and it’s easy to distribute,” says Alison Noice, CODA Deputy Director.

The device works similar to an Epi pen — a small needle is injected into the leg, distributing the medicine. Workers at CODA have been trained how to use it.

Currently Evzio is only available by prescription in Oregon, but it is available over the counter in 15 other states. Noice is supportive of legislation that would allow over the counter sales of Evizio here.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is a life saving medication and what ever barriers we can reduce to get it into somebody’s hands is well served, in my book.”