PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Crews worked late Tuesday night to repair a water line that was broken by a hit-and-run driver at NE 162nd and NE Siskiyou.

Gresham police first responded to NE 162nd and Burnside, where a 2001 Volvo S60 reportedly crashed into a car after running a red light. The two people in that car were not hurt.

Shortly afterward, police got reports that the Volvo hit a water line at 162nd and NE Siskiyou.

A 2001 Volvo 260 hit a water line in Gresham on October 3, 2017, breaking a water line. (Gresham PD)

Police said the driver of the Volvo fled on foot, leaving the car at the scene. Police are still looking for the suspect but do not have a good description.

The Portland Water Bureau said the water line that was hit was a 60-inch concrete transmission line installed in the 1980s. Water spilled into the streets and flooded the parking lot of a nearby apartment complex but has not affected the inside of the building.

Water bureau officials said crews will be there for hours to fix the broke line. Because it’s a transmission line and not for distribution, it is not affecting drinking water in the area.

Southbound lanes of NE 162nd is closed at NE Siskiyou and people are asked to avoid the area between NE Fremont and NE Halsey as well.

Gresham police ask anyone who witnessed the crash to call 503.618.2719.