Editor’s note: The City of Portland and Oregon Department of Transportation clarified previous statements about which agency is responsible for what task and by law, what order that can happen in. Reporter Elise Haas explores the issue of this further in a story on Thursday. We have clarified statements made earlier on Wednesday by a City of Portland spokesperson below.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An unusual scene is developing at a homeless camp in Southeast Portland’s Lents neighborhood.

Someone appears to have dug a hole they placed a tent over to live in near Southeast 94th and Southeast Raymond Street. The site even has a stone walk-up leading to the tent’s entrance.

Both the City of Portland and the Oregon Department of Transportation said they are aware of the site.

First, the City of Portland is responsible for giving the campers a three to 10-day advance notice of a campsite removal, and during that time frame, the city is required to reach out to the campers to provide services and then clean up garbage and debris, according to officials.

After a site is cleared, officials said ODOT can come in and make repairs, including backfilling the land.

According to the city, this specific site has not yet been posted for clean-up but could be as early as this Friday. The city says clean-up crews have been traveling north on the I-205 Multi-Use Path but are currently still working south of Southeast Holgate Boulevard.

Because the crews are already aware and know the site well, they clarified the camp has not actually been “dug out”. Instead, the person living there “essentially leveled the ground and then put a futon frame over the top – and then placed their tent on top of the frame.” They say despite some reports on social media, the hole does not go deep.