Metro Park Ranger helps mom deliver baby

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Baby Levi was born at Blue Lake Regional Park in Fairview

FAIRVIEW, Ore. (KOIN) — Rena Shereck has worked for Metro for about 6 years and has been a Metro Park Ranger for about 6 months.

But she’s never had a day on the job like June 11, and it’s a day she will never forget. Neither will Delilah Villegas.

“It was really warm for how early in the season it was,” Shereck told KOIN 6 News. “We were close to 90 degrees that day.”

Metro Park Ranger Rena Shereck, September 3, 2019 (KOIN)

Villegas and her family were at Blue Lake Regional Park for a barbecue about a week before she was scheduled to have a cesarean section for her 3rd child, according to Metro.

But babies come when they need to.

Shereck was out patrolling when she “heard screaming coming from the restroom.” The baby was on his way.

“When you see something like that there’s one option and a child is being born,” she said. “There’s no what if, buts, there’s no inbetween. That’s one thing that’s going to happen and it’s going to happen fast.”

Park Ranger Rena Shereck helped deliver Delilah Villegas’ baby in June in this restroom at Blue Lake Regional Park in Fairview, September 3, 2019 (KOIN)

A crowd of people gathered near the restroom because of the screaming, so Shereck called her staff to do crowd control.

She also called 911 and told them where the mom was — and that the baby was breech.

“With the dispatch helping plus the 2 people in the stall with her we were able to give her the instructions to help get the baby born.”

The baby was born within about 10 minutes. But there was a problem.

“The baby wasn’t breathing initially when he was born, so I kept relaying the information we had to clear the mouth, clear the nose, start getting him breathing,” she said. “And with working here over the last 6 years I’ve been thankful enough to get the training for CPR, first aid and AED, which also includes infants.”

Others helped clear the baby’s airway and the newborn began breathing and crying.

“There was just a crowd gasp of thankfulness,” Shereck said. “There was claps. Everyone was very happy.”

Park Ranger Rena Shereck is hugged by Delilah Villegas in August 2019. Shereck helped deliver Villegas’ baby in a restroom at Blue Lake Regional Park on June 11, 2019 (Metro)

Mom and baby were then taken to a hospital by the arriving paramedics. The whole thing took “probably 10 or 15 minutes from the time I heard the screaming to the time medics got here and were getting them loaded up into the ambulances.”

She admitted her heart was pounding. “I was happy to say that, you know, how I process things I was able to focus on what was going on and take care of it before my brain caught up and said, ‘You just did this.'”

Recently she and the mom reunited — along with the baby, Levi.

(L-R) Park Ranger Rena Shereck, Jeceryl Mayo holding her nephew Levi, and Levi’s mom Delilah Villegas at Blue Lake Regional Park in Fairview, August 2019 (Metro)

“It was really cool for me because I got to verify and get that reassurance that the mom is OK, the baby is OK, they’re both doing well,” she said. That’s “something you just don’t often get when you are any way helpful to someone in an emergency situation.”

Rena Shereck said with her job she just never knows what’s going to happen.

“It’s a day I’m not going to forget. And I’m sure the mom will never forget. And as the baby is growing up, that’s something he’ll get told, I’m sure,” she said.

And, she added, the baby has a nickname.

“I heard it was Baby Blue.”

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