(KTLA) – Less than a week after Apple TV+ dropped the final episode of “Ted Lasso,” the streamer is getting fans’ hopes up.

On Tuesday morning, Apple TV+ tweeted a photo of characters Coach Beard, Roy Kent and Nathan played by Brendan Hunt, Brett Goldstein, and Nick Mohammed. The photo was captioned “Smells like potential.”

“I believe in this show coming back,” tweeted one fan.

“Don’t play with my feelings, that’s not fair!” another fan wrote.

“Are you serious right now? After watching the finale that literally put me in all my feels and then some. I would be so very happy for more because it is that good and deserving of more. If this is true, I am over the moon, and I really hope more happens,” another tweeted.

Mohammed retweeted the photo with an emoji with its mouth zipped, which seemed to hint that there was a chance.

While “Ted Lasso” is over, cast members have hinted to KTLA on separate occasions that the door is still, somewhat, open.

“It’s very easy to keep going, but if it’s all she wrote, I think that should be it. If that’s what it’s supposed to be, but also I think that these stories can go on,” Phil Dunster said after the finale aired.

“We set out to tell a three-part story. We’re going to finish that and then we’re going to take a second then we’ll decide after that,” explained Hunt, who plays Coach Beard in the series. “Maybe we’ll decide nothing, or maybe we decide to come back. I don’t know. But we cannot say with finality that it’s over.”

While we wait for confirmation on more “Ted Lasso” news, Season 3 is currently streaming on Apple TV+.