PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A family is now left with more questions than answers after their son was shot and killed exactly one week ago.

Now, as they try to find out what happened, they’re also left to figure out how to move forward without the 23-year-old who they say had a bright future ahead.

“Recently, he was very active, on a good job on his own working, and as far as I know was planning to go ahead on his education to go back to university,” said family friend Ali Ibrahim. 

Essadin Jamal Hassan was shot and killed on Sept. 19 near Northgate Park in North Portland’s Portsmouth neighborhood.

“Monday, when he came back from work, mom told him to get his dinner and he said, ‘mom, I’ll just come back after 5 minutes.’ A few hours later we heard he was hospitalized by a gunshot,” said Ibrahim.

Because things are still very emotional for Hassan’s family, Ibrahim is speaking on their behalf and says they live several blocks away from Northgate Park and still don’t have answers as to why he was there that night.

According to police, Hassan was taken by private vehicle to a local emergency room where he died, but loved ones can’t understand that if someone — the driver — knows what happened, why hasn’t that been shared with them or officers.

“When somebody brings someone who is hurt by a bullet or something like that, they first ask the person who brought them, they ask them questions,” said Ibrahim. “But here, nobody asked that person any questions at all.”

Hassan’s family moved to the U.S. around 10 years ago. He recently served as the provider for his family, working at Amazon, and now his mom is left not only grieving, but wondering what’s next. With Hassan’s murder coming just weeks after another shooting near the same park and as Portland saw dozens of murders already this year, community members say they worry about youth getting caught in the middle of the violence.

“It’s very sad to live in a neighborhood like this and it’s not safe, actually,” said Ibrahim.

KOIN 6 reached out to Portland Police to see if there are any new updates but haven’t yet received any. The community is now helping to fundraise for Hassan’s family. Those interested can reach out to the Somali Oregon Service Center.