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'Chain of Life' helps people survive cardiac events

Clackamas County program showing real success

CLACKAMAS, Ore. (KOIN) -- Last summer, Seth Skoien was at the Dave & Buster's at the Clackamas Town Center when he had a cardiac incident. Under normal circumstances, he may have died.

But Randall White, the general manager at Dave & Buster's, jumped in and began CPR. His efforts helped keep Skoien alive until the paramedics arrived and took over.

"Someone had called 911 and was coaching me through it kind of telling me what to do," White told KOIN 6 News. "Initially I jumped in and started doing what what I could remember to do and it turned out good."

Both men received recognition as part of the Clackamas County Fire's Chain of Life celebration. The Chain of Life's first link relies on people like Randall White who are closest in proximity to others having cardiac events.

Teaching CPR to more people and having better access to defibrillators has already increased survivability in Clackamas County to more than triple the national average.

No one wants a heart attack. But with help from a chain of survival campaign that began several years ago, people experiencing a cardiac event are more likely than ever to survive.

"I'd say that it's very nice that people catch it immediately and respond as soon as they can," Skoien said.

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