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Accused man explains why hidden camera found in bathroom

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) -- A 63-year-old man was arrested Friday and is facing 3 counts of voyeurism after a Vancouver mother found a camera in their bathroom with film of both her and her daughter in various stages of getting undressed. 

The video shows Richard Townsend, a man who was known to the mother and daughter, placing the camera on Dec. 28 while working on the family's bathroom vents. The mother discovered the camera later that day. 

"Fortunately they located it the same day it was placed," said Kim Kapp, the public information officer for the Vancouver Police Department. "It was there for a very short period of time. Nonetheless (it) still captured images they did not authorize."

Townsend posted $50,000 bail on Monday as is now on supervised release.

KOIN 6 News went to Townsend's home on Wednesday and knocked on his door. There wasn't an answer, but a car was driving back-and-forth in front of the house. The driver looked like the man pictured in Townsend's mugshot, but the driver said he wasn't him. The driver sped off.

Eventually, the driver -- who turned out to be Townsend -- returned, wanting to talk.

"I've got nothing to hide," Townsend said. "My lawyer might not want this done, but..." 

Townsend, from behind the wheel of his car, said he uses cameras to see into tight places during construction work. The cameras, according to Townsend, are used to "go behind walls and stuff" and inspect areas. He said he forgot he left the camera there. 

"It's nothing intentional," Townsend said on Wednesday.

That's different from what Townsend told police on Friday, according to a probable cause affidavit. Townsend, according to the document, told police he placed the camera there to see if the mother -- and only the mother -- was using drugs. 

"That's what is on my police report," Townsend said.

"Why does it say that?" asked KOIN 6 News reporter Eileen Park. 

Townsend responded, "probably because that's what I said. I didn't lie to the police department, so..."

"Do you see why it's suspicious," Park asked.

"Sure," Townsend said.

The mother, according to Vancouver Police, said it looked like no construction work had been done in the bathroom vents. 

"And (she) noticed there was some sort of a strange gape and found the camera," Kapp said.

Dec. 28 wasn't the first time Townsend and the Mother had interacted. Court documents show Townsend texted the mother and repeatedly asked her out.

"We talked about it," Townsend said, "but we never did go out or nothing. And we sent texts back and forth or I sent texts to her, but we, uh -- it's just something our attorneys are taking care of now." 

Townsend appeared in court on Monday and will appear again in court on Feb. 16.

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