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Gas, oil catch fire at auto salvage yard

A large plume of smoke was visible for miles

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) -- A large plume of smoke could be seen for miles over an auto salvage yard fire in North Portland Friday afternoon.

Workers at Stark Industries were draining gasoline and oil from a car when a spark ignited the fire. That set off a fire in the vats full of oil and gasoline they were filling up as well. Officials said they were using the proper equipment and precautions, so the fire was ruled accidental. 

Portland Fire and Rescue crews worked quickly to get fire under control. A Hazardous Materials team was also on scene to prevent any chemicals or gasoline from getting into the storm drains or the nearby Columbia River Slough.

Crews also had to avoid another hazard in the area -- a high voltage cell phone tower right next to the lot.

The fire was out by 4 p.m. but the chemical smell lingered in the area as crews mopped up. 

Traffic is impacted in the area due to the fire trucks and equipment.

No buildings were affected.

Watch: Chopper 6 over the scene of the fire

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