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Cannon Beach: No one has responsibility for pesky bunnies

The bunnies slip between the cracks of every state and local agency

CANNON BEACH, Ore. (AP) -- Cannon Beach has discovered that no agency has responsibility for the booming population of feral rabbits that has overtaken the popular beach town.

The Daily Astorian reports that some residents complained last month about a bunny infestation.

They say their lawns are coated with rabbit poop and the bunnies are eating their gardens.

But the city has investigated the issue and says the bunnies slip between the cracks of every state and local agency.

Because they are feral -- and not wild -- state wildlife officials can't help.

And because they were released illegally at some point, the city can't relocate them anywhere.

Shelters are already overrun with unwanted rabbits.

And the City Council doesn't want to trap or kill the rabbits because they are popular with tourists.

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