Malheur occupier says they have booby traps near camp


BURNS, Ore. (KOIN/AP) — One of the four remaining occupiers at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was back online after a week without communication.

David Fry posted several videos on YouTube Sunday, claiming the FBI blocked his phone and he found a way around the block.

Sean Anderson, Sandy Anderson, David Fry, 3 of the 4 militants remaining at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge,  in screen grabs from YouTube, Jan. 30, 2016

In one video, Fry showed a large collection of empty water and soda bottles on the ground, calling them booby traps to protect them from the FBI “charging in.”

“The FBI was mad and throwing fits because I’m here posting You Tube videos. They’re like, David, you promised not to post anything on social media, well, guess what FBI? That was before you shut my phone off. My phone was still good and I did promise to not post anything on social media. But you guys shut my phone off and disabled all our communications,” Fry said in one of the videos.

In another video, Fry said the FBI told him he faces additional charges because of defensive barricades the four have built.

“We just got done talking with the FBI,” said the 27-year-old Blanchester, Ohio, resident. “They consider fortifying a crime.”

Fry said he, Jeff Banta of Nevada, and husband and wife Sean and Sandy Anderson of Idaho have “every right” to defend themselves from the “oncoming onslaught of people with fully automatic rifles (and) armored vehicles.

“I’m tired of you guys telling us what we can and can’t do,” he says.

Then Fry shows government vehicles they have been using without permission. He walks up to a white truck and says, “I think I’m going to take it on a little joyride.

“Now you’ve got another charge on me FBI. I’m driving your vehicle.”

FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele said the agency had no comment on the videos.

In another video posted Sunday, Sean and Sandy Anderson are sitting together and the husband says they feel like hostages because they can’t leave without being arrested.

“What are they to do with us?” Sean Anderson said. “They either let us go, drop all charges because we’re good people, or they come in and kill us. How’s that going to set with America?”

A Nevada state Assembly member who is sympathetic to Bundy’s cause, Michelle Fiore, said Monday she and lawmakers from several other states plan to meet in Portland this week to protest the jailing of Bundy and his followers. She said the lawmakers are members of a group called the Coalition of Western States, which opposes federal management of Western lands.

“My folks are prisoners for exercising political free speech. That is not OK,” the Republican lawmaker told the AP.

Fry, Jeff Banta and Sandy and Sean Anderson are the remaining protesters at the refuge. They were all indicted on federal charges, along with 12 others. Fry had something to say about that.

“Piss off, shove your charges where the sun don’t shine! Have a good day.”The Associated Press contributed to this report

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