PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – An Oregon man is charged in federal court with cyberstalking and other offenses for making numerous threats to his former co-workers and law enforcement officials.

The United States Attorney’s Office in Ohio confirmed that Michael A. Hagar, 46, was charged with one count of cyberstalking and two counts of interstate threatening communication.

According to court documents, Hagar worked at a Goodyear store in Salem from 2011 through 2013 and worked for Eaton in Portland from 2014 through 2015. He was fire from both jobs.

Prosecutors allege Hager sent numerous threatening e-mails to at least 7 former co-workers at Eaton and Goodyear in 2015 and 2016, as well as threatening emails to law enforcement officials in Oregon.

In 2016, Hagar was personally given a temporary protective order that barred him having any contact with a specific Eaton employee, according to court documents. He was also arrested for trespassing on Goodyear property in Oregon after the company hired private security guards to conduct surveillance on him.

Prosecutors claim that on May 30, 2016, Hagar sent an email to the Eaton employee and to Oregon law enforcement officials with the subject line: “I AM GOING TO RUIN EVERYONE OF YOU(R) LIVES.”

Court documents show that on June 2, 2016, Hagar sent an email to employees at Eaton that was considered threatening. The subject line read: “I AM GOING TO SHOOT ONE OF MY GUARDS SOON.” The body of the emailed message stated: “AND THEN I WILL MAKE CERTAIN ALL OF YOU ARE SHOT ALSO.”

In June, investigators in Multnomah County executed a search warrant at Hagar’s residence for evidence “indicative of his intent to carry through with his threats.” During the search warrant, investigators found a Thompson machine gun, an AK-47 assault rifle, a Glock handgun, a Beretta handgun, a Ruger handgun, a .38 special handgun, “an AR-15 lower and parts,” firearm magazines and numerous rounds of ammo, according to court documents.

“The officers also recovered a military tactics book with plans for approaches, attacks, and ambushes, and a hand-drawn map showing what appeared to be buildings or residences and streets marked with crosshairs or targets,” court documents state.

In June 2016, when Hagar was being held in Portland, Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Tom Cleary wrote that Hagar sent emails to several deputy district attorneys in which he threatened “to shoot the recipients of the email.”

Hagar is no longer being held in Portland. The sheriff’s office said on Aug. 10, 2016, the U.S. Marshals Service took custody of him. A federal court appearance is scheduled next month for Hagar in Ohio.KOIN 6 News will continue to follow this story.