PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man attempting to travel through the Portland International Airport on Saturday fled the security checkpoint after showing a fraudulent driver license to a TSA officer.

TSA said officers used “Credential Authentication Technology,” which automatically verifies identification documents presented by passengers, to confirm the traveler’s ID was fake. 

TSA released this image of a suspect accused of presenting a fraudulent ID at TSA on Saturday, October 10 at the Portland Interntional Airport. 

According to a release from the Port of Portland police, the man showed a forged Texas driver’s license. 

Around the same time, TSA officers dealing with checked baggage found what appeared to be multiple fake IDs, credit cards and equipment used to produce fraudulent documents in the man’s luggage. 

The man has not been found, however, TSA officers said the incident demonstrates the value of their new technology.

“Our officers will continue to carry out our security mission using every tool available to them to safeguard our transportation system,” TSA administrator David Pekoske said.

Port of Portland police said they were notified 11 minutes after it happened and responded a minute later, but the man was gone. 

“Our officers are not trained or expected to physically restrain people so once the individual started to flee the airport we had already notified the Port of Portland police and they had officers responding to attempt to locate the individual,” said Stephen Taber, the TSA Deputy Security Director.

CAT is being tested at 13 airports across the nation, including PDX. Saturday’s incident is the first confirmed report of CAT flagging a fraudulent ID at the security checkpoint.

Anyone who recognizes the man should contact police at 503.460.4747.