PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With temperatures above 100 degrees throughout the Portland metro area, TriMet announced shortly before 5:30 p.m. Sunday that it was suspending all MAX Light Rail and Portland Streetcar services until Tuesday morning. 

TriMet said the suspension is due to the extreme heat. They said the hot weather is straining the power grid and the overhead wires that power MAX trains.

“The MAX system is designed to operate in conditions up to 110 degrees. Forecasts show it will likely only get hotter tomorrow without sufficient time to cool down,” TriMet said in a press release.

Buses will still be running throughout the city. TriMet suggests people visit trimet.org/alerts before using public transit to see if their route is disrupted. 

Earlier Sunday afternoon, TriMet announced that through Monday, MAX trains will be delayed when temperatures hit 90 degrees. The WES Commuter Rail will be delayed when temperatures are over 100 degrees and it will be served by shuttle buses when temperatures reach over 105 degrees. 

TriMet recommends people only use transit for essential trips Sunday and Monday due to the health impacts of the high heat.