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Body found on Mt. Hood was hiker David Yaghmourian

David Yaghmourian, 30, last seen along Timberline Trail October 8

MOUNT HOOD, Ore. (KOIN) -- The body of missing hiker David Yaghmourian, 30, was found Thursday morning on Mount Hood.

A hiker found his body at the 8,300-foot elevation level, well above the area crews were searching for him.

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office said it appears Yaghmourian "succumbed to the elements" while trying to set up camp about half a mile east of Silcox Hut.

Sgt. Sean Collinson said Yaghmourian may have been hypothermic and may have been injured in a short fall.

"He was actually laying face down, near some of his gear," Collinson said. "He had a sleeping bag set out and a pocket knife nearby. It looked like he was trying to set up camp to stay warm."

Collinson said the body was found outside their search area by a hiker who just happened to be trying to summit Mount Hood. Search teams were looking at the 5,000-5,300-foot level.

"As he was climbing up, it was very difficult to see this person. It blended in with the terrain around him," Collinson said. "He literally almost stumbled upon him and as soon as he did he contacted the sheriff's office..."

Searching have been looking for the 30-year-old hiker from Arizona who was last seen along the Timberline Trail.

"We really wanted to find someone alive," Collinson said. 

Yaghmourian was in Oregon to hike Mount Hood with his friend Hayden Kirschbaum, who said the pair have hiked all over the country. After a weekend of hiking, Yaghmourian hurt his knee and wanted to rest while Kirschbaum went ahead to Timberline Lodge.

Kirschbaum got to Timberline 30 minutes later, but Yaghmourian never showed up.

Collinson said if this is Yaghmourian, it appears that when he separated from his friend, he continued up the mountain.

"Looks like, from what we've seen, he missed a turn and continued up the mountain and was trying to get across so he could cross over and come back down," Collinson said. 

He said search teams did look up a trail in that direction, but didn't see any sign of anyone going that way, so they stopped looking there. 

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