PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Gas prices have continued to fall across the nation this month — and Oregon is no exception.

According to AAA, prices for fuel are falling week after week in all 50 states, with rates dropping 15 cents this week to an average of $4.63. In Oregon, AAA reports gas prices have fallen by 12 cents to an average of $5.35 per gallon.

A spokesperson with AAA told KOIN 6 News the declines applied to Portland too, where prices dropped almost identically for the week by 11 cents, averaging $5.42 per gallon.

The reason? Experts say the lower prices at the pump are largely thanks to the price of crude oil being down 20% the last month.

While gas is cheaper on average now than it was in June, AAA says a “tight” supply around the world has crude oil significantly more expensive than it was one year ago.

Drivers can see Oregon price trends updated weekly at AAA’s website here.