PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As predicted by KOIN 6 meteorologist Joseph Dames, the Willamette Valley broke or tied half-a-dozen temperature records for the warmest lows ever recorded on Thursday.

According to the National Weather Service, Portland and Vancouver both surpassed their hottest daily lows on record, set in 2004. Portland saw a low of 73 degrees, breaking the previous record of 65.  Vancouver’s daily low was 71 degrees, breaking the previous record of 64.

“Portland has only had two days on record where the morning low stayed at 70 degrees or above,” Dames noted on Wednesday. 

Record lows were also broken in Troutdale, Hillsboro and McMinnville. Eugene and Salem both tied their daily record lows of 65 and 64, respectively.

Of these records, McMinnville’s was the longest standing. Previously set in 1901, McMinnville recorded a record low of 62 degrees yesterday, surpassing the previous record by one degree.

Other notable U.S. historical events from 1901 include the assassination of President William McKinley, the births of Walt Disney and Louis Armstrong and the first stock market crash for the New York Stock Exchange.