PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — With the deadline to get a Real ID card less than a year away, those wanting to travel domestically should start planning ahead.

Starting May 3, 2023, you will need more than a standard Oregon driver license or ID card at airport security checkpoints to board a flight within the United States.

If you’re not going to be flying in early May of next year then you don’t need one, but David House a spokesperson for Oregon DMV urges you to not wait as getting a Real ID card does take some extra planning.

“Real ID has some additional requirements,” said House. “You have to come in in-person. The act requires you bring in some additional documents to prove your address, your identity, your date of birth.”

You also have to get a new photo taken. House said the pandemic really slowed down the ability for people to even get into the DMV across the country.

Real ID has been an option in Oregon for almost two years, but the deadline for when you need one has been delayed a couple times due to the pandemic.

A Real ID compliant driver’s license is indicated by a star in the upper ight hand corner of your card.

In Oregon about half a million people have the Real ID. House said about 40% of people have passports so another 500,000 to 600,000 people still need to get their Real ID.

“Don’t wait until next year to get ready to fly,” House said. “If there’s even the tiniest chance you could get invited to a wedding across the country or maybe you get the tragic news of a funeral and you need to plan a flight — it’s too late. It can take you weeks to get the documents you need.”

If your Oregon license or ID card is expiring in the next 12 months you can renew it early and add the Real ID option. If that’s not an option the Transportation Security Administration has a full list of identity documents it will accept for air travel at TSA.gov.