Needing kidney, Vancouver man turns to Facebook


VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — About 3 years ago, Scott Warren’s kidneys failed. He heard about a woman in England who found her kidney donor on Facebook, so he decided to do the same thing.

“Asking for a kidney is not the easiest thing but it’s easier on Facebook than it is person to person,” Warren said, laughing.

The 46-year-old husband and father of 2 adult step-children is looking for a live kidney donor. He started his own Facebook page – A Kidney for Scott – and said about 2000 people now follow his story.

Scott Warren, who began a Facebook page looking for a live kidney donor, seen in an undated photo on posted on that page, June 3, 2015

“I also share other people’s stories as well and their issues in terms of finding a kidney donor,” he told KOIN 6 News. “I’ve received all kinds of feedback from folks that they’re rooting for me and they want to see me find my kidney.”

Statistics show kidney failure in the US has increased almost 20% since 2000. Nationally, more than 100,000 people are currently waiting for a kidney, with about 800 in the Oregon and Southwest Washington region.

A disease robbed his kidneys of functioning properly. Getting a new kidney would be “a game changer,” he said. “My health is in real jeopardy every day. My blood pressure is out of control, I’m heavily medicated … lethargic. I have anemia.”

He added, again laughing, “I’m very cold right now just sitting here without a coat on.”

Scott Warren holds a sign he keeps in his car. The 46-year-old is in need of a kidney, June 3, 2015 (KOIN)

He undergoes dialysis 3 times a week, each time for 4 hours. He also works the 3 a.m. to 11:30 a.m shift at a Fred Meyer store, and keeps a sign and a bumper sticker on his car: I need a kidney.

“I’ll just leave that so if anyone who drives by my car will see it out there,” he said.

Warren is looking for a living kidney donor because, he said, the kidney is expected to last longer.

Donate Life NW said the average wait time for a kidney donation is 2 years or longer. Warren said a wait for a kidney donor can last “3 to 4 years with someone with the O-blood type like myself,” he said. He remains hopeful for a live donor “that can give me the kidney that will last the longest.”

If a person wants to donate directly to him, he said, that person would contact the transplant clinic and say they want to donate specifically to him. Then a matching process would begin, which could take 3 or 4 months, he said. If the match is good, a surgery date would be scheduled.

Vancouver resident Scott Warren is looking for a live kidney donor, June 3, 2015 (KOIN)

“It would be a lifesaver for me where I could get my life back and be free of the risk of stroke and heart attack like I am right now,” Warren said. “It’d be awesome.” About organ donations

Donate Life NW statistics show that in Oregon and Southwest Washington, there are more deceased donors than living donors.

Deceased donors: 138 organ donors, 746 tissue donors, 1659 eye donors

In 2014, statistics also show there were 54 living donors in Oregon, all of whom donated kidneys.

The total number of transplants from those donations in 2014 in Oregon and Southwest Washington show 349 organs, 64,761 tissues and 1659 corneas.

According to Donate Life NW:

— Over 80% of the U.S. Waiting List is comprised of people waiting for a kidney transplant.

— Due to higher incidences of renal health issues, Hispanic, African and Native Americans are disproportionately represented on the Waiting List.

— One organ donor can save up to 8 lives.

— One tissue donor can save more than 50 lives.

— More than 1 million tissue transplants are done each year.

A chart showing the organ donation shortage over the past 10 years, as seen on the Organ Procurement and Transplant Network, June 3, 2015

Transplant Trends

Waiting list candidates as of 9:38am PT, June 3, 2015            123,180

Active waiting list candidates as of 9:38am PT, June 3, 2015     79,080

Transplants January – February 2015                                         4,743

Donors January – February 2015                                               2,311

National transplant statistics show one organ donor can save 8 lives.Organ Donation and Transplantation: How Does it Work?

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