PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Portland International Airport is becoming an up-and-coming ‘foodie’ destination.

On Thursday, 10 new restaurants opened during a block party event.

“I think it’s really cool. The restaurants are good and I would recommend this as a good destination for anyone!” Steve Hawkins, who was traveling through the airport, said.

Portlanders old and young agree that PDX is the new place to be when you’re looking for tons of local food options all in one place, whether you’re on the go or taking your time.

Port Of Portland workers think the up-and-coming spot could be a destination for foodies, not just while traveling.

“Actually with a lot of the changes we’ve seen in travel in the past decade, folks are getting to the airport earlier and they want their travel experience to be enjoyable and stress free and as a result we’ve made these changes to the concession program,” Kama Simonds with the Port of Portland says.

The 10 additional restaurants are in concourse C and D. Among them are Mod Pizza, Cafe Yummi and Bambuza.

Four of the new businesses are certified small businesses, so the local economy benefits too.

“It brings the best of local and some national brands to the PDX,” Simonds says.