PORTLAND, Ore (KOIN) — After a two-year hiatus, the Rose Festival Parades are coming back this year, but there will be some changes.

The Grand Floral Parade will be entirely on the eastside this year, starting indoors at Veterans Memorial Coliseum and concentrated in the Lloyd District.

The parade is also being reduced from four miles to two. However, the number of entries will be the same.

Additionally, the Rose Festival Starlight Parade will start an hour earlier this year, at 7:30 p.m. instead of 8:30 p.m.

When asked if police resources and security concerns are two of the reasons for the changes, Marilyn Clint, the Chief Operating Officer for the Rose Festival, said “The City of Portland is challenged with resources, just like the Rose Festival is, and we want to make prudent use of the resources that we have, when it comes to time, and when it comes to human resources, and this is the solution.”

According to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office, Wheeler announced a $100,000 proposed investment during Tuesday’s Spring BMP work session. That investment would aim to further support the festival.

Wheeler released a joint statement with Commissioner Dan Ryan regarding the changes and the investment on Wednesday.

“This year, the Rose Festival will share festivities between Portland’s downtown core and the eastside to better distribute available public safety resources as well as increase participation and accessibility for residents and attendees across the City,” the statement read. “Mayor Wheeler and Commissioner Ryan recognize the level of logistical effort that went into planning the parade route—especially in preparation for the upcoming Burnside Bridge closure—to ensure the safety of Rose Festival participants and spectators. We commend the Portland Rose Festival planning committee for navigating Portland’s acclaimed and premier event through these uncertain times, and we look forward to the Rose City Reunion.”

The Rose Festival officially starts on May 27th, with CityFair returning to Waterfront Park.