PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Alan Thompson, 66, rode into the Rose City on May 3, 2016 after a very long journey.

Thompson started in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, and has been riding his bike around the perimeter of the United States since August 17, 2015 to raise money for Habitat for Humanity and Save the Children. He has made 14 stops along the way to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and made Portland his 15th volunteer day on this journey of more than 8 months.

Thompson biked more than 8,300 miles and raised more than $16,500 with a goal of $20,000.

After riding along the Oregon coast, Thompson wrote on his blog that it was some of the most uncomfortable riding he’s done so far. In true Oregon fashion he wrote: “On with the jacket…off with the jacket…on with the jacket…off with the jacket – a never ending ritual.”