PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man who was helping to organize Oregon’s March 4 Trump has withdrawn his support amid a disagreement with the main event organizer.

In a social media post, Carol Leek, the event’s main organizer, explained she was the one who signed up to run the event and then recruited Lake Oswego business owner Kevin Kerwin.

Kerwin is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump and even keeps a cardboard cutout of the president in his business’ front window.

Leek said she was unaware of Kerwin’s “racist” Facebook comments and had only known him for a couple months via Facebook.

“I certainly do not condone those comments, and in fact, find them disgusting,” Leek said. “This March 4 Trump event is not about Kevin Kerwin and his agenda regarding liberals. This is not about his negative and offensive posted Facebook remarks. This event is certainly not about hate for anyone or anything.”

Kerwin told KOIN 6 News on Sunday he expects hundreds to show up for the march. He also expressed his distaste for “liberals” saying, “Liberals totally hate me, and I totally hate liberals.”

On Monday, Kerwin announced he was pulling his support for the event.

“I am pulling my support for the March 4 Trump. The event organizers have gone down a path I can’t agree to. Good luck, everyone. I’m not a slave to tyranny, but the organizers are. Can’t go there,” he said.

The event takes place on Saturday at George Rogers Park in Lake Oswego.